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AI Changing Content Marketing: How GPT-3 Is Revolutionizing Copywriting

GPT-3 is a revolutionary new AI-powered content marketing platform that promises to replace copywriters, create content that is 100% uniq...

GPT-3 AI Content Marketing

GPT-3 is a revolutionary new AI-powered content marketing platform that promises to replace copywriters, create content that is 100% unique, and produce better content than what humans can make. 

It sounds too good to be true. There are very few industries that AI has not touched, and marketing is one of them. But GPT-3 is changing this trend now. 

AI has been used to generate unique content for years. But the use of AI is only now starting to change the way marketers write content.


GPT-3 is a platform that lets marketers make content that is unique and which no one else can make. It's not just content creation. The platform also gives the marketers a 360-degree perspective of the content that is created. 

The marketers can see the entire content marketing process. This gives them confidence that their content is the most appropriate and delivered at the right time. 

The platform also has real-time analytics that enables marketers to make accurate predictions on what will resonate with the readers.


GPT-3 is a combination of several machine learning algorithms that have been used in online search engines and social networks. Using these algorithms, GPT-3 generates creative content and directs it to the desired platform. The platform analyzes the information.


What is GPT-3?

GPT-3 is an artificial intelligence marketing platform. It has no humans as co-creators, developers, or writers. It simply generates highly original content, and those unique content pieces are instantly transformed into websites, apps, landing pages, ads, and everything else you can think of. 

In the current content marketing landscape, humans are not the most efficient producers of unique content. We are looking for accurate and high-quality content, but the challenge is finding the right content that matches our needs. 

Sometimes it feels like a 20-year-old trying to buy a car in the middle of a recession. People often create content that isn't authentic. For example, we are looking for products that have a real chance to succeed.


Why GPT-3 is so revolutionary?

Before any discussion, let's go over what AI-powered content marketing is. Content Marketing has, for years, been synonymous with humans. 

Marketing managers from small businesses to multinational corporations have been applying their marketing skills and producing fresh, new content every week. 

The most popular marketing technologies are content creation software such as Microsoft Word, WordPress, and blog platforms. You can't start a blog without using a content management system like WordPress. 

What does AI-powered content marketing mean? Let's talk about GPT-3. GPT stands for Generic Pattern Recognition. What does that mean?


How GPT-3 is changing content marketing?

GPT-3 has partnered with 70+ global brands and successfully generated millions of unique pieces of content. The company claims to produce more than 300 pieces of content a day. 


How GPT-3 can help your business?

Let's look at how GPT-3 is changing content marketing in the following ways: GPT-3 is AI, so it does what you want in your content marketing copy. 

It produces unique content. It makes utterly unique content. GPT-3 doesn't copy another person's work. It doesn't copy another person's work. GPT-3 has a pre-built website builder. It creates a website for your business in 10 minutes. 

It has a pre-built website builder. It creates a website for your business in 10 minutes. GPT-3 makes your content even better. It adds the benefit of AI without making your content unreadable. It adds the help of AI without making your content unreadable. GPT-3 brings experts to your business.


How does GPT-3 work?

GPT-3 was created by AgoraPulse, the company behind the flagship content marketing platform AgoraPulse. Its latest offering is named GPT-3, after the average word length that each one of your readers sees while reading your content. 

If you're unfamiliar with how metrics like word length are used to score content, this post from Rand Fishkin will get you up to speed. GPT-3 starts by analyzing your content in the same way you'd code it. It then uses some advanced AI techniques to write your content automatically. 

You have to change the writing style when it gets repetitive, and you're done. Imagine that you're writing an article for a blog. Let's say you're writing a post about running marathons. You want to add some information about the ingredients of good running shoes.


AI and SEO

Marketers have long known the power of SEO and drive website traffic and result in a higher conversion rate. But few realized the power of SEO via AI. 

GPT-3 takes the search engine optimization (SEO) concept further, using AI to discover and rank the best possible content to drive site traffic. This AI-powered content marketing platform also uses AI to analyze potential customers, target them, and find content ideas for content marketing based on their information and patterns. 

Benefits Many AI solutions come with a hefty price tag. GPT-3 is offering its services to SMBs at an affordable rate. It's a beautiful blend of innovation, collaboration, and great power. That's what makes it so unique.


GPT-3 vs. Human Copywriters

The most apparent difference between what a human copywriter does and what GPT-3 does is that GPT-3 isn't writing text. The human copywriter writes out individual words or sentences and cuts and pastes this into their draft. 

But a human copywriter has to pick, choose, and rearrange their words based on what the copywriters or editors, or proofreaders want to see. Humans are working at each stage of the copywriting process, and they all know what they are looking for in a piece of content. 

The human copywriter is just an intermediary between the final result and the reader. When you compare what a human copywriter can do and what a human copywriter can't do, it's pretty amazing. A copywriter can only write that which they can fully comprehend and appreciate.


Pros Of GPT-3

GPT-3 has numerous features that make it stand out from the crowd. Content generation It's effortless to use. Create an account and set the keywords that you want to target. 

Then GPT-3 analyzes what's already being searched for and learns from that information. When it finds relevant keywords, it makes the desired products and services discoverable in search results. 

There is no need to write any copy because GPT-3 will produce it for you. SEO optimization GPT-3 can crawl websites and identify and fix specific problems, allowing them to rank in search results. SEO optimization for individual products and services can also be done.


Cons Of GPT-3

The primary disadvantage is that GPT-3 is at a very early stage of its development, which means it's still a little buggy.


Another drawback is that GPT-3 is only currently for advertising purposes, which is a tough sell for a large publisher like HuffPost that doesn't have the budget to go with AI flow.


GPT-3 Needs Work


Still, it's fair to say that GPT -3's creators are only just scratching the surface. The platform has significant potential. That's why I predict it will evolve further and will revolutionize the way publishers write content.

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