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How To Post On Instagram: 9 Tips To Get The Most Attention

If you’ve been on Instagram for a couple of weeks, you’ve probably noticed an ongoing debate about how to post on Instagram.  The averag...

How To Post On Instagram

If you’ve been on Instagram for a couple of weeks, you’ve probably noticed an ongoing debate about how to post on Instagram. 

The average person posts once a day, some post once a week, and others only post once a month. 

Depending on the person, some will post a caption with their photo, and some will just post a picture. So what are the best ways to use Instagram? Here are a few tips you can follow.


Post consistently. Your followers will love you for it.

If you’re like most Instagrammers, you post often, but you might have trouble sticking to a schedule. The best lesson I learned from Instagram was to be consistent whenever I post on the app. 

Those who follow you will expect you to post about three times a day or once a week. Create a schedule for your posts and use different times for each post. 

Having an alarm set on your phone to go off at the right time is an easy way to keep your followers looking out for your posts. 

Post pictures of yourself, and you will get engagement. If you want attention on Instagram, posting pictures of yourself and your kids will help you out.


Upload pics with a purpose.

Many people feel they are posting a single photo or a photo with no caption to get noticed by other people. But that’s not going to work for you. 

If you have to leave a caption for every post, you’re likely not going to get noticed. People need to see why they should follow you. Having them follow you would help. 

It would be best if they saw your posts. It would be best if you wanted them to comment on your photos. It would help if you wanted them to like your photos. 

Upload pics with a purpose on instagram

It would be best if you wanted them to share your photos with their friends. It would be best if you wanted them to like and comment on your photos. 

It would help if you wanted them to reply to your comments. It would help if you wanted them to tell their friends about your photos. It would be best if you wanted them to “like” your photos on Facebook.

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Posting Strategy

The best way to think of a posting strategy is in terms of how many posts you’ll do per week. Most of the people who post a lot on Instagram will do one or two posts per week. 

Posting Strategy on instagram

So a week is an excellent way to think about it. That said, for some people, posting three times a week is a good strategy because people will still see the posts even if they aren’t in their feed. (Also, when it comes to a posting plan, what’s one “post per week” even mean? 

There’s no way to set a specific daily or weekly posting strategy on Instagram, but generally, a week is the shortest time frame you can set your post schedule. For example, you could put your posting schedule to be every weekday at 11:00 AM.


Posting Tips On Instagram

If you’re posting photos and videos on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that the newest posts tend to get the most attention. That’s because the images and videos you share tend to have unique content. 

Posting a photo with someone else in it is much more interesting than just a photo of your kids, for example. People also tend to comment on photos and videos. 

Posting Tips On Instagram

If they think the picture is interesting, they’ll comment. If they like the image or video, they’ll also give the poster a thumbs up or a heart. 

A lot of users will also tell you how much attention they get on Instagram. “My friend posted this on Instagram,” they’ll say. “I got like 150 likes.” This is where it gets tricky. Most of us don’t have that kind of “influence” on Instagram.


Engage your followers

First of all, if you have 10,000 followers, it’s not a good idea to post a photo of you lying in bed. That’s just begging for people to hate-comment. 

If you’re new to Instagram and trying to gain some followers, start by getting them to follow you, and then they can see your pictures. Always post from a good angle. 

Engage your followers on instagram

You’re probably familiar with the fundamental rule of photography: Avoid a camera angle with your eyes when you are shooting a selfie. The same principle applies to Instagram. 

Many people take the most flattering photo they can with their own body, but what about the rest of the world?


Inspire your followers to take action

If you want your followers to get a lot of likes on your photo, you’ll have to engage with them on the picture. Think about the photo and photo captions as opportunities to spark a discussion. 

Instead of posting a photo with no captions, give your followers Create engagement with funny or surprising captions. When you think of great captions, think of funny ones like these. 

Inspire your followers to take action on instagram

It might be better to avoid cute captions like this one: It might be better to create a lot of engagement with funny or unexpected captions, like these: Give your photos context with hashtags. No matter what you post on Instagram, use hashtags to make your image stand out.


Add a little mystery.

When Instagram first came out, people were only posting photos of themselves and their families. That has since changed. People have figured out how to perfect their pictures and post photos of places they’ve never been. 

You can use that same strategy on Instagram and get an audience of followers who have never even heard of you before. And when you’ve got that audience, people will be eager to learn more about you—search hashtags. 

Many Instagram users don’t know how to search for hashtags, and as a result, they don’t realize they’re missing out on many great pictures. They don’t discover that there’s a lot of quality Instagram content out there and that they can tap into that.


Keep it light

The most important thing to do on Instagram is to keep it fun and light. Instagram is a platform that encourages very lighthearted posting photos, and the more fun and lighthearted your posts are, the more likes you’ll get. 

funny girl on instagram

So post pictures that have a sense of humor without too many dark, moody, or sad photos. Just because you post something on Instagram doesn’t mean you have to post every single day, every single week, or every single month. 

Share travel photos have always been one of the most popular types of photos on Instagram. If you’re traveling, get pictures of your travels. Perhaps you can post a photo of a mountainous landscape or sunset. Your image will receive more likes if it is attractive.


Use proper hashtags

As Instagram (and most other social media) users know, hashtags are basically like links. They can associate posts with specific topics, people, or emotions, which can create some pretty strong feelings in users. 

Use proper hashtags on instagram

Use #happy to create feelings of happiness. You could use #angry if you feel angry. When you want to convey anger or frustration, you can use #frustrated. 

Hashtags can help users find posts that have similar content to their own. They can also help users discover different types of posts, which is one of the big reasons people use them. 

I am not a fan of hashtags. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them.

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