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Podcast Advertising: Why You Need To Use It And Where To Start

Podcasting is a growing trend in advertising. Perhaps this is not just the latest craze, either. It is an excellent method for reaching co...

benefits of podcast advertising

Podcasting is a growing trend in advertising. Perhaps this is not just the latest craze, either. It is an excellent method for reaching consumers and creating engagement. 

The perfect way to make sure you have a loyal customer base. And it’s easy to advertise on a podcast, either. Listeners enjoy programmatic audio because of its unique format, which is a way to establish a relationship. Considering the podcast listening experience, the ads are more welcome and effective.


What is a podcast?

Put simply. A podcast is audio programming that consumed anywhere. Podcasts can be fiction, comedy, true crime, or trivia, among other genres. 

In short, they bring listeners to an experience that makes them feel like they are part of the show. The popularity of podcasts and podcast advertising has grown in the past few years. Most podcast ad revenue comes from mobile devices. 

What is a podcast

A 2018 survey from Edison Research reports over 40 million U.S. adults consume podcast ads on their phones, and 40% of U.S. adults used a podcast during the past 30 days. 

This shows that there is a significant, targeted group that is receptive to new advertising mediums. Getting your product in front of these people is easy when you use podcast advertising.


Why should you use podcast advertising?

Are you ready to advertise your business on the break through the noise? With over 5,000 podcasts out there, there’s a podcast for everyone, including you. 

We can find podcasts in thousands, and they’re usually free. It’s easy to market your business to a broad audience of people that enjoy listening to podcasts. This is because most listeners do it for science or humor, according to a study published in Advertising Age. 

And that’s where advertising can help. You can sell products or services to listeners who are interested in them. The added benefit is that the consumer is more likely to return to a show. One caveat is that people boycott ads if they hear them when listening to a podcast.


Where to start with podcast advertising

Most people are familiar with the format of podcast advertising. You purchase space on a monthly podcast and promote your product in it. This includes products, events, or anything of interest to you. 

This format is accessible for everyone to understand. But, it’s much easier to advertise as a voice-directed audio advertisement. Voice-directed audio advertising refers to a state of advertising where you record a message into a microphone, and your voice transmitted to the listeners through the internet. 

As you listen to your message, the words you say get transferred to the smartphone of the listener. It’s advertising that works for all kinds of businesses. But, how do you go about starting a podcast advertising business? Pay for the technology.


How does podcast advertising work?

You can use podcast advertising in several ways. You can create ads for the content of the podcast itself. You can create podcast ads for commercial apps. 

You can create ads for platforms, too. You can also use podcast advertising for video. You can use podcast ads to promote the content on your YouTube channel. 

By adding podcast advertising, you will immediately bring in a significant number of customers. As a rule of thumb, 30% of consumers decide in 30 seconds. 

You can make that decision right away, within 30 seconds. What are the benefits of podcast advertising? As far as advertising goes, podcasting is an excellent way to get a loyal audience. Why? Because you can target the right audience and reach them most effectively.


What are the benefits of podcast advertising?

You establish a relationship with your listeners. It’s important to remember that when you are speaking to a consumer, you are talking about their needs. 

The faster you establish a relationship with a listener, the better your chances of being chosen. By presenting a personalized message, you gain trust and an audience that is interested in your brand. They will become your loyal consumers.


How to start podcast advertising overview

Start with a simple 30-second ad. For a beginner, just create an ad with one of the top ads found on Google AdWords. This will help you learn a few things before you invest in a much more in-depth ad campaign. 

Pick your target audience. If you’re starting a podcast focused on politics or religion, a political ad can be just what you need. If you’re a beauty or fashion expert, a beauty ad will do the trick. 

A political ad will be a great way to get viewers to engage with your content. Think long term. Think about the numbers. If you plan on advertising in over one show or possibly multiple seasons, it may be best to make longer-term commitments.


Pros of podcast advertising

Podcasts are increasingly popular with consumers. They can listen while commuting, exercising, relaxing, and even working, among other scenarios.

 Audiences get value from the unique format and interactivity. Because there is no script or talking heads, brands can engagingly convey information. For brand marketers, podcast advertising creates a dominant medium to test and learn what works. 

Before investing money in ads, you can test podcasts and see how well you perform. You can also create test ads to see if there are any issues with the format or sound quality.

Podcast advertising is meager cost. A 12- to 30-second ad spot can run from $250 to $300. Besides their appeal, podcasts receive ongoing attention.


Cons of podcast advertising

But you don’t have to advertise on a podcast to get results. You don’t even have to go through an agency or partner. You can start advertising on your own. 

If you have a firm idea, you can get it running today. But you need to know the challenges and steps to take to achieve your goals. This short, ten-minute podcast tutorial breaks down creating and running an advertising podcast. 

If you have questions about what it takes to create and run a podcast advertising campaign, take a listen to this podcast. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to assist you. You have an awesome idea for a podcast that you can’t wait to get off the ground.

Podcast advertising tactics

Podcast advertising tactics

1. Social media advertising podcasting is not just another form of broadcasting. It has evolved into a social experience. 

Users can listen to a podcast while they’re in the office and still discover the podcast via trending posts in their social feeds. Users can feel as if they’re taking part in the podcast without knowing it. This adds credibility to the podcast. 

2. Affiliate marketing Podcasts are a great way to advertise a product or service through an affiliate. You can advertise your podcast via other podcasts. 

If a podcast user finds your podcast through a social network or another format, they will still be able to find out about your podcast through an affiliate link. Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to push new content to a broad audience.


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