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fully tech guest post

Writers / Bloggers / Freelancers are invited to contribute high-quality content to our website:

You should submit an article that is original and has never been published before. This includes your website. When you contribute content based on your professional and personal experiences, we will review it and publish it if it is approved. We reserve the right to accept or reject any article without explanation.

We will review articles within two weeks of submission. It is your responsibility to regularly check the website to ensure that your article has been published. You cannot receive a personal response regarding acceptance or rejection of your article.

If your article isn't published in one month, You can use it somewhere else. We rejected it because of quality or for another reason.

Before you submit an article, please read our guidelines.

The following categories are available for submission.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Trending Technology
  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Tech Tips and Tricks
  • Software and Apps
  • Digital Product Reviews
  • Web Hosting 

What topics are suitable for us?

A guest post's success depends largely on its content. Blogs and posts full of helpful information can inspire readers. We need to know what you have to say.

What are the conditions to write for us?

✅  Guest posts for Fully Tech must meet the following requirements.

✅  The article needs to be written well in English.

✅  You must create original, unique content that has not already been published elsewhere. No plagiarism will be allowed. Every article we publish is checked for plagiarism using an online plagiarism detection tool. This ensures the article is not republished elsewhere.

✅  We do not permit auto-generated, translated, or spun content.

✅  A minimum of 1000 words should be included in the article. Longer articles are also welcome.

✅  Ensure that you use the correct headings (h2,H3, etc.).

✅  Our goal is to provide our readers with unique, high-quality content.

✅  If you have previously written for us, please do not write for us again.

✅  It is not permitted to publish the article on another website, blog, or social media platform after it has been published on

✅  Make every 200 words more engaging by adding a relevant and high-quality copyright-free image.

✅  Grammar and spelling errors will not be accepted.

✅  We own the copyrights to the guest posts that are submitted to us, so we can alter them when we see fit.

✅  There is no Author Bio that will be published.

✅  The article may be modified in the future. But your external link never gets removed.

✅  We only value your content, not money. We Do Not Charge For Guest Post.

✅  We could include an internal link in your article, if necessary.

✅  The content must be suitable for people of any age group and demography.

✅  Anchor text should accompany links, but only those links that provide value to the reader (according to search engines). Adding links should only be done if they make sense and are worthy of inclusion (not for the sole purpose of building links). Links that comply with the guidelines of a search engine will be considered (We will not disqualify links based on DA or PA, however, the sites linked to should also comply with search engine rules).

✅  To make sure that your article hasn't already been published, please visit our website before submitting your blog post or article. We will not be considering any topics already published. Please avoid non-informative topics.

Article Format

  • A well-researched Title.
  • An article must be targeted on Low Competition Keyword.
  • Sub-headings.
  • You will get One do-follow link per 1000 words.
  • The external link will be do-follow.
  • Divide the content by using proper headings and sub-headings.
  • No affiliate link allowed. 

How To Submit Article?

Send (email) your article in a document format with images (JPEG format). See our Contact Us page for our email address.

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